Our commitment is to help shape the lives of young people and we do this by providing educational and enriching content and learning resources. We cover a range of topics across the different age brackets, to make sure the content is appropriate and informative. Take a look at our sample lessons and year group summaries to find out more about our content and values. 

Key Stage 2

Fertile Heart Key stage 2

Through years 4, 5 and 6, we explore personhood and what it means to be happy. Building friendships and valuable relationships while realising that everyone deserves respect. Tolerance and learning about different people and beliefs is a large part of our teachings throughout Key Stage 2.

Key Stage 3

Fertile Heart Key stage 3 cover

Adolescence, marriage, personhood and family. Just a handful of the topics that appear over Key Stage 3. Fertility and fascination are brought into the syllabus as we explore physical and spiritual relationships and what they mean to a person.

Key Stage 4

Fertile Heart KS4 cover

Now we have developed a strong sense of personhood and we have discovered what it means to be our true selves, Key Stage 4 moves on to sexual education. We delve into expressing our love and the gift of human life across two years of education.

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