Exploring years 7 – 9

Adolescence, marriage, personhood and family. Just a handful of the topics that appear over Key Stage 3. Fertility and fascination are brought into the syllabus as we explore physical and spiritual relationships and what they mean to a person.

Year 7

We learn where we come from and how we are made in God’s image. What is appropriate vulnerability and how to we build trusting and loving relationships? These are topics that we explore together with guided discussion points to raise throughout the syllabus. 

Module 7c: Tolerance

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Year 8

How do we communicate with others? What is the purpose of social media and the digital world? Building relationships is important but doing so in the right way is key. Along with this, we look into giving love and overcoming the ego.

Module 8f: Texting

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Year 9

It is important to recognise and connect with our desires, realising which of those we should act upon. As we reach adolescence, we look back on the lessons we have learnt and how they can be applied to the next stage of our lives, exploring marriage and the possibility of a family.

Module 9c: Getting in Touch with my Desires

Slides and teachers notes

Sample Key Stage 3 Lessons

Below you will find an excerpt from our Key Stage 3 curriculum, scroll through to see the lessons for Module 7c, Module 8f and Module 9c.