Sample Resources for Key Stage 4 lessons

Exploring Years 10 and 11

Now we have developed a strong sense of personhood and we have discovered what it means to be our true selves, Key Stage 4 moves on to sexual education. We delve into expressing our love and the gift of human life across two years of education.

Year 10

Of course, we look at sexual formation in the traditional sense and what it means to sexually bond with another. We also discover the struggles with fertility and how they can be dealt with, offering support and guidance around these trickier subjects.

Module 10f: Sexuality and Relationship with God

Slides and teachers notes

Year 11

What does it mean to be fertile? Sexually and spiritually? We look at the two and separate sexual connection from spiritual connection and view how the two can meet. We also look over our previous teachings and develop what we have learnt. 

Module 11b: The Intellectual Virtues

Slides and teachers notes

Sample Key Stage 4 Lessons

Below you will find an excerpt from our Key Stage 4 curriculum, scroll through to see the lessons for Module 10f and Module 11b.