What we teach and how we teach it

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From friendship to relationships and every kind of love in between. Throughout our syllabus, we explore what love means and how that relates to the love we have for ourselves and of course, the love we have for God. All made in His image, it is important that we are able to relate our lives and love back to Him.

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Shaping the person we will be in the future by examining personhood and how we navigate our way through life and the people we will meet along the way. What does it mean to be tolerant and why should we avoid discrimination? Personhood teaches what it means to be a good and rounded person.

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Happiness and relationships go hand in hand. Knowing which relationships add value to our lives is key and getting to know the people we let in. Friendships and marriage are just two of the relationships we delve into across the syllabus and we discover how relationships should be nurtured.

Bringing faith and science together

Faith and Science


How do faith and science interlink and how can we look at both perspectives together? Our modules cover the two and provide resources and knowledge on how the two sit closely.

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It is important to know that people are different and that is something to celebrate. We learn how to appreciate and respect others as well as knowing when it is appropriate to be vulnerable, so that we can grow in our own sense of being.